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Welcome “Club Uruguay” to our service of Hosting SMEs. Thank you for trusting ITM.

We renew our workstations in national company for sale clothing


We renew 15 jobs, change involved hardware and operating system. Going from PCs Pentium 4 PCs Intel Dual Core with Windows 7 Pro. PCs were integrated into Microsoft domain and migrated data and user profiles with their corresponding settings and network shares.

Thank you for trusting ITM.

Update to Microsoft Office 2016 important national company for the health category.


Update to Microsoft Office 2016 important national company for the health category. Including Microsoft Outlook, migration of email accounts. Thanks to “Centro Residencial LAR” for trusting IT Montevideo.

We implement Exchange Online on national textile company


Complete project implementation of Microsoft Exchange Online in important manufactures textile national. The solution involved the design of the solution of messaging external and internal, licensing, migration from solution of mail earlier and training to users of mail. A very good success story which adds ITM. Thanks Medea S.A. by trusting IT Montevideo.


IT Montevideo-service technical IT's level international

Our differential in the market is personalization, quality and scope of the service in relation to the cost.

Our proposal of services includes the more full support technical for your company, your equipment computer and the support to users.
By providing a highly personalized service, after an initial period of knowledge. Managed to meet its operational and its dependence with them different technologies. Us focus on solving of root problems recurring. Our methodologies of monitoring of services we enable advance us to those incidents, avoiding times lost in falls of systems.
Assure the continuity of the business through techniques of backups and contingency.
The catalog of ITM includes services for SMEs, professionals, homes, solutions turn-key, sale of computer equipment and software licenses.
ITM clients include: Medea S.A., R-Pac Uruguay, Microsoft Uruguay, Dieste and Montanez, Brillosol, Zen systems, Club Uruguay, study accounting step mill, Centro Residencial LAR, confectionery career. Please do not hesitate to ask for sheet references with contacts in case if necessary.



Juan Pacheco founded IT Montevideo in March 2016. 

  • John is IT professional for 15 years (2000-2015) and has worked at companies such as IBM, Bull, Sabre Holdings and Urudata among others.
  • IT Montevideo was born as a result of the outsourcing of the Zen systems enterprise infrastructure. Of such way ITM starts operations with a portfolio of clients with contracts of different scope.

Support SMEs

International level IT Technical Support

Our differential in the market is personalization, quality and scope of the service in relation to the cost.

The best relation cost-benefit of the market. Highly personalized service with the best attention. Ask for reference of cases of success of companies that chose for our services.
  • Highly qualified staff technically and in customer service.
  • We use methods and tools of first level.
  • Support the operational everyday ensuring the continuity of the business.
  • Work detecting and addressing deficiencies of form constant.
  • We are professional, dynamic, pro-active, creative, entrepreneurs, persevering, responsible, kind, educated and skilled in technology.
Cost per month
U$S 147
Annual cost
U$S 1.388

Features General:

Help desk Service technician on site Monitoring of services Backup of data
L to V from 9 am to 6 pm L to V from 9 am to 6 pm 7 x 24 x 365 On site and towards Internet

Monthly fixed cost – 5 hours of support per month – maintenance General of infrastructure IT – desktop application maintenance – support technique of incident – monitoring service 7 x 24 x 365 – advice and training the user – security corporate Firewalls, Antivirus, backup – configuration of operating systems and New Hardware – servers management

Help Desk
Service technician on site
Monitoring services
Backup of data
Help Desk

Help Desk

Attend all their queries and incidents via phone, whats app, skype, email electronic or web of support.

If necessary we request access to your PC to help you remotely. This method makes it possible to address queries and incidents instantly and resolve them quickly.

If necessary a technician moved to his place of work.

PLUS: Highly qualified staff technically and in customer service.

Service technician on site

Service technician on site

Technical delivery for those tasks that require it, such as: PCs not firing, problems of wired or wifi, movements of PCs, installation of new equipment among others.

PLUS: Rapid response.

Monitoring services

Monitoring services

Service provided 24 hours a day continuously. 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Computer services that are critical or important to the business are monitored. Examples are: website, server files, database, security cameras, electronic mail, among others.

Are monitors availability of the service and use of resources (space free on disk, RAM, CPU, processes, among others).

Before the failure of a service or warning of high percentage of utilization of resources fires notification via e-mail 24 hours a day. In time of office, our staff of table of help is contact with the customer in order address the problem immediately.

PLUS: 24 x 7 x 365 service notifications via e-mail.

Backup of data

Backup of data

Custom solution design.

Multiple methods to ensure the availability of the information. On site and off site backup.

We monitor daily the correct execution of backups.

Evidence of restoration periodic.

Restoring data on demand.

PLUS: design of solution to measure without cost.

IT Outsourcing

Tercerización del área tecnologica

Sea más ágil, mejore la eficiencia operativa, reduzca el costo y cumpla con las necesidades de los usuarios de nuevas aplicaciones y tecnologías con mayor rapidez.

  • Mesa de Ayuda, soporte remoto. Monitoreo de servicios claves 7x24x365, con alertas via mail o sms.
  • Personal técnico en sitio a demanda o en horario establecido.
  • Guardia técnica full time, incluye días festivos y feriados nacionales.
  • Consultoría en infraestructura macro.
  • Gestión integral en respaldo de datos y planes de continuidad del negocio en caso de desastre.
  • Gestión de la documentación de procesos del área.
  • Gestión de los proveedores de servicios que giran entorno al área de tecnología.
  • Gestión de compras.
  • El servicio es regido por un exigente “Acuerdo de Nivel de Servicio”. Alineado a los estándares de ITIL.

SME hosting

Website and Corporate E-mail

The best relation cost-benefit of the market. Service personalized and with assistance to start without cost. Ask for reference of cases of success of companies that chose for our services.

Cost per month
U$S 17.40
Annual cost
U$S 174

Features General:

Disk space

Monthly transfer Databases Mailboxes
10 Gb. 50 Gb 10 10

Web sites and e-mail. Administration ONLINE – Backup – Webmail access – telephone support, skype, whats app, mail, or web support – anti-spam – C-Panel – PHP 5 + – password management – statistics WEB – FTP and SFTP – disc in the cloud

Web site
Mail on behalf of your company
Applications free


Hire paying with your credit card or PayPal account.

You will receive confirmation of payment instantly.

Our technical staff will contact you to begin. In time of office, from Mon. to Fri. from 9 to 18 hs. GMT – 3. Within the first 4 hours working from have received their payment.

Enable specific amounts expressed in dollars USA. Taxes included. Physical (paper) invoice is sent within 72 hours of hired service.

Choose your plan of payment

Thank you for choosing us.

Web site

Web site

Free administration.

High performance.

Maintenance of security weekly.

Periodic backups.

Protection of directories public with key

Management of files of your website Online in administration.

Besides the classic access FTP and SFTP.

Analytical statistics of accesses
Support to install and manage SSL certificates

PLUS: helps to create your first web site. Or to migrate your current site to our hosting.

Mail on behalf of your company

Mail on behalf of your company

Administration free mail accounts, mailing, filter lists, forwarders, antivirus and antispam system.
Compatible with all those customers of mail electronic: Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows live. SSL and TLS support for secure connections.

Corporate webmail with modern interface accessible from any computer or smartphone.
Calendars and contacts on your personal devices.

PLUS: Configuration on computers and cell phones.



Disc in the cloud

Disk in the cloud accessible from PCs and phones Android (similar to DropBox, Google Drive or One Drive). Usable for backup or for access to sub-folders from any device and in any moment.

PLUS: Configuration on computers and cell phones to drive in the cloud.

Applications free

Applications free

FREE applications:

Hundreds of applications and tools of the most used in the world available for free.

Some of the most used are:


PLUS: Advice that applications are optimal for its entrepreneurship, and installation free of charge.


IT Montevideo customers are national and international based companies.

Some of them operate in the following sectors:

– Building

– Logistics

– Manufacturing industry

– Gastronomic Industry

– Health

– Professional services

– Engineering


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